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‘Señorita’ – Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Sensual Summer Bop

June 22, 20194 min read

After the success of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s first collaboration, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, fans have been waiting (kind of) patiently for another collab. On Tuesday, Shawn and Camila both posted teaser videos for a music video, and on Wednesday, they announced the name of the song and that it would come out on Friday.

“Señorita” has strong Latin influences as one would expect from the name. Camila’s voice works so well on Latin-influenced song. Shawn adapts his voice to the song, making it more breathy to also better fit the subject matter. In the chorus, there are parts where their voices harmonise beautifully but there are also parts where they aren’t harmonised, so you can hear each voice separately. This makes it different from and more interesting than conventional male and female duets.

The lyrics in the first verse are pretty innocent as Shawn sings “Sapphire and moonlight, we danced for hours in the sand”. The line that made everyone freak out comes in the second verse as Camila sings “You say we’re just friends. But friends don’t know the way you taste, la-la-la”.

There has long been speculation over Shawn and Camila’s status as ‘just friends,’ and this song with this line, in particular, adds fuel to the fire. The bridge is the most provocative and explicit part of the song with lines like “when your lips undress me, hooked on your tongue”. Overall, the lyrics are very sensual and definitely fit the vibe of the song.

Now, onto the music video. Camila’s music videos almost always tell a story, and this one did not disappoint. It’s even better because it tells the story that is told in the song: two lovers who keep going to each other even they know they shouldn’t. Both Shawn and Camila look like snacks, and it’s incredibly steamy because Shawn and Camila have such great chemistry. There is a scene in the bedroom where they kiss that has everyone going nuts.

The video had over 26 million views on its first day! “Señorita” is also #1 on the iTunes chart in 20 countries including the USA.

What does it mean?

Camila was spotted in LA with her boyfriend, Matthew Hussey, only last month, so unfortunately, Shawmila shippers, it looks like Shawn and Camila are just friends for the moment. That video must have been hard for Hussey to watch. From their interview with V Magazine, it seems like the song was a long time in the making. Perhaps Camila was waiting for Hussey to trust her enough to make a steamy music video with a hot, successful Canadian guy. Shawn and Camila must have known that getting so steamy would give the song more buzz and press coverage.

On the other hand, there are at least 5 songs on Shawn Mendes’ self-titled album that are rumored to be about Shawn pining after Camila. (Perhaps Shawn thought that making the song would bring them closer together?)

Shawn also mentioned in the interview that he had recently recorded a Spanish version of “Señorita”, so we can all look forward to that while we wonder whether Shawn and Camila will ever get together.

Listen to “Señorita” here

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