Suicide Letter

December 29, 20172 min read

This is a poem from the perspective of a teen who wants to commit suicide. Suicide is an issue that happens too often, and many parents and loved ones find themselves coming home to letters like these. This piece was written to raise awareness for suicide.

Dear mom and dad,

You said you loved me with all your heart.

Together you tried to be the best parents

And not let my life fall apart.

You thought you made me smile

And laugh everyday.

You thought you made me happy,

But I secretly want to go away.

You did not mean it,

When you said you loved me.

Since you always hit your little girl

And ignored her pleas.

I wish for you to love me,

Because me loving you

Was taking all the love I could not give myself

And putting it to good use.

I threw up after all the laughter,

To remind myself everything beautiful has a consequence.

I have died so many times,

But people seem to forget about me right after.

I wanted you to kiss all my scars

And diminish the pills.

Be the drawer that hid all my sharp things

and the person who carried my collapsed body to safety.

You will never understand,

I will always be a girl of wounds;

A rope-marked neck with cut up skin.

Someone once told me,

Better is not for those who are loved.

They just gave me false hope

In getting a better life.

Told my feet to stop running

And my mind to stop wondering.

Told my depression… good job,

You finally won.

Told my pain, goodbye,

And goodbye, hello.

Keep the pills down

And the food out.

Don’t say everything will be OK.

Don’t show me what I have to live for.

Don’t make me want to stay!

Better is only for those who are loved,

And that is not me.

So this is me saying goodbye,

And thank you for trying.

Please do not cry,

It won’t make me come back.

I hate this life.

This is me saying I love you

Before my world goes black.

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Dorothy Walker

I am a young aspiring writer who loves to write mostly poetry and non-fiction pieces. I have been writing since a young age. I love writing because it is a way of expressing myself.