Welcome To Society

December 17, 20171 min read

This is a poem about the reoccurring struggles that are present in social life and society. Raising awareness for these problems are important for the years to come so the future generations do not have to deal with these same issues.


Welcome to society.

Where girls are never skinny enough,

And boys are never athletic enough.

Where catcalls and whistles are the new hello,

And anorexia is a trend.

I changed my identity from human to object.


Welcome to society

Where being yourself is anything but promoted

And opinions mean everything.

Where the greatest influence is to be appealing

And above anything else, to strive for perfection.

Everything is a bunch of broken promises.


Welcome to society

Where first kiss stories don’t matter

But first rape stories are too common.

Where leggings and a tank top are ‘asking for it’

And scars on a wrist are beautiful.

I keep screaming, hoping someone will hear.


Welcome to society

Where no means yes,

And everyone is just “blissfully” naive.

Where the only language we communicate in is numbers

And we are all just human recycling bins.

Most mornings I just wake up and cry.


Welcome to society

Where boys will boys,

And treat girls like nothing but toys.

Where self-love doesn’t come first

Or second, or ever.

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Dorothy Walker

I am a young aspiring writer who loves to write mostly poetry and non-fiction pieces. I have been writing since a young age. I love writing because it is a way of expressing myself.