Paper Cranes

August 17, 20172 min read

There is a Japanese legend that folding a thousand origami cranes will allow you to make a wish and have it come true. This a poem about trying to earn that wish and not giving up even when it does not seem to be granted. It still matters, even though it may not seem to.


Every so often I like to fold a paper crane

and just leave it somewhere.

I never know what happens to them.

They’re just there.

I’ve folded so many of them,

I think I’ve lost count.

It’s like they’ve become a piece of me,

even though I don’t take them with me.

I never really knew why I do it.

Until I stopped to think.

The reason I do it is for peace.

In the world,

and in myself.

I don’t think I’ve folded enough,

because nothing has seemed to change.

But it doesn’t make it less important,

and it doesn’t mean I should stop.

I hope you remember

that what you do matters.

Even when it seems like nothing.

Even when it seems like everything.

So I’ll continue to fold my paper cranes,

though they don’t seem to work.

I’ll try not to let it discourage me.

And I hope you don’t either.

Because it matters.

I promise you, it matters.

The world could use any symbol of hope.

Of love.

Of peace.

No matter how small.

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Deanna Whitlow

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