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What Disrespect Feels Like – Arts + Culture

What Disrespect Feels Like

December 29, 20172 min read

Most of this poem was inspired by what I have seen others go through and even some of my own experiences. Trying to be kind in a world that consistently shows its ugly spirit back to you is like eating lemons and hoping for one of them to be sweet. It’s useless and you will be disappointed each time. It is possible to find a genuine person but most of the time, you will get burned and it’s something that I am learning as I begin my life. It is okay to be kind but hold onto your guard before giving in too fast.


Part I –


You try to spread sugar over dismounted wounds

but instead the universe poured salt into the deepest crevice

most of your hope has descended into nothingness

yet no one tries to fill the void

so you are left without any desire to continue into this wilderness

they throw you to heartless brutes

who could care less about about your well-being

you willingly oblige to give yourself away without any protest

as usual, they leave you nursing a shattered heart

and a tormented piece of what was once a soul


Part II –


Tell me,

has anyone cared about the dried creases in your eyes

where tear stains once existed?

has anyone ever caressed you in their arms

and melted the thick, luscious ice that covers your heart strings?

Have you ran into someone who hasn’t tried to kiss you

without the intention of poisoning the veins of your pride?


No, you say?


You are not alone, darling, you are not alone.