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Why Colourpop Might Be Your Perfect Holiday Gift Destination

December 1, 20173 min read

It’s no secret that the online brand Colourpop has become a major hit. Starting as a popular dupe site for Kylie Lip Kits, Colourpop has completely blown up into its own brand, with everything from bronzers to brushes. They’ve even recently become a part of Sephora.

While they keep things exciting for consumers, launching something new all the time, there is a particular new launch that may be of interest this holiday season. Colourpop has created another collaboration with a YouTube beauty guru — this time introducing Laura Lee.

Laura Lee is best known for her wholesome Alabama accent, her friendship with Manny MUA and her new palette Cat’s Pajamas that has been circling the beauty world. Laura is also known as a major cat lady, which is why her project with Colourpop could not be any more fitting.

Colourpop and Laura created a limited edition line of Super Shock Shadows and Liquid Lipsticks with NKLA. If you’re not familiar, No Kill LA is an organization that fights for dogs and cats in shelters to live, rather than be put down for their lack of love. Last year, Colourpop created an initiative with NKLA and actually made quite the impact (over $250,000), and they’re hoping for even more this year.

The line includes seven new products. The lip bundle features Wham, a somewhat sheer champagne gloss; Bam, an ultra-satin lip that definitely delivers on the burgundy-berry front; and Glam, a metallic rose gold. The Super Shock Shadow Foursome includes Ritz, a nude-taupe with glitter; Glitz, a beautiful matte rose; Shiny, a deep matte rust-red; and Hiney, a rose-gold intense glitter shadow. Colourpop has also brought back last year’s Cat Nap, a warm copper sparkle, as well as Puppy Love, a soft peachy-salmon color, for the occasion.

Laura has assured viewers and consumers that she is not taking any profit from this line, and Colourpop has backed this by stating that net earnings from the line will go straight to NKLA. Laura worked with Colourpop to create beautiful colors for the winter (and, really, any season) as an incentive for consumers to give what they can.

If you’re looking for a way to make some easy gifts and give back this holiday season, this may be your golden opportunity. The products are incredible (I have tested them myself), and they go toward a great cause. Besides, Colourpop has always been quite fair with their pricing, and don’t we all need that during the holidays?

The Foursome Super Shock Shadow retails at $18, and the Lip Bundle is $15. You can find them (as well as Laura’s video) here.

So do you like the line? What’s your favorite or least favorite shade? Let me know!

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