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“Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” Tour Review: Buenos Aires (LATAM Leg)

June 13, 20183 min read

On Saturday, I watched Halsey perform live in Argentina for her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour.

The night started with an opening by the local duo Salvapantallas from Córdoba, Argentina. It’s comprised of Zoe Gotusso and Santiago Celli who, with their soft melancholic tunes, set a calm mood over the audience. Their songs were meaningful and extremely heartfelt to those in the audience who have or haven’t felt heartache. Everyone watched from their seats and clapped along to the beat.

After the opening act, the special guest for this leg of the tour appeared–Lauren Jauregui.

Jauregui turned it up a notch by singing a mixture of newer, original songs like “Toy” and “Expectations,” which are for release shortly. The two songs demonstrate the 21-year-old singer’s decision to pursue a solo career. They are catchy and mostly upbeat, similar to some of the songs from her former band Fifth Harmony but with a different tone and lyrical meanings.

Jauregui continued with a cover of Shakira’s “Ojos Asi,” in which she only sang in Spanish. The Argentinian crowd also got a special treat when about halfway through her set, Ty Dolla $ign emerged.

He performed his song “In Your Phone” featuring Lauren Jauregui. The rapper was visiting his girlfriend in Buenos Aires when he agreed to make the appearance and surprise concertgoers.

By around 9 p.m, it was finally time for the main performance.

Opening the show with “Eyes Closed” as her shadow projected on a screen, the room felt euphoric.

Halsey brought a good mixture between her debut album “Badlands” and her second album, “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.” The performance gave feelings of nostalgia for those who saw her live at Lollapalooza Argentina back in 2016, and the chance to enjoy the older tracks for those who didn’t.

The room filled with emotion when–after some technical difficulties–the 23-year-old singer sang her hit song “Ghost,” in acapella with help from the crowd. While waiting for a resolution to the stage issues, the singer seemed full of love as she witnessed the audience cheer the classic Argentinian chant “Ole Ole,” adding “Halsey” along to it.

Overall, the show Halsey offered was beautifully produced and organized, and missing out on the rest of her shows would be a shame. Halsey’s performances have an amazing, positive energy and will likely leave you with a smile.

You can stream Halsey’s music here and buy tickets for upcoming shows here.

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