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How Lily Collins Is An Icon To Me

March 29, 20175 min read

Lily Collins, 28 year old actress, has appeared in several films. She appeared in the film The Blind Side where she played the role of Collins, Sandra Bullock’s character’s daughter. In Abduction, a thriller, action packed film she starred next to Taylor Lautner. There are several other films we must not forget, such as Mirror Mirror, a version of Snow White with a hint of comedy and Stuck In Love, a movie about a young woman that stays away from dating after seeing her parents’s relationship crumble, until she meets Louis and she finds herself falling in love. She also brought Clary Fray to life in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, a film adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s novel.

Lily Collins also played Rosie Dunne in the sensational romance, comedy, 2014 film Love, Rosie. The 2014 film warmed the hearts of teenage girls while adding humor and some sad-teary-eyed scenes.

Collin’s latest film, Rules Don’t Apply, is set in Hollywood, 1958, centered in the life of young actress who falls in love with her driver, played by Frank Forbes. Their romance however, is forbidden by their employer. Rules Don’t Apply received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Lily Collins as Best Actress in Comedy or Musical.

Although Collins did not take the award home, she definitely slayed the red carpet. As always,  Lily Collins knocked everyone dead with her attire. The actress has proven to be a fashion icon through several red carpets. There is no other way to put it than she looks good with anything. Lily Collins is not only a great actress and a fashion icon. She had a big heart filled with nothing but goodness. She is impossible not to love. Perhaps it’s her iconic eyebrows, her impeccable fashion sense or  her breathtaking smile. Lily has a way to getting to your heart.

Collins is a in inspiration and a role model to many young girls. The 28 year-old actress shares inspirational quotes to her followers and pushes them to follow their dreams and to be and accept themselves.

In March 7th, Collins released her debut book, Unfiltered.

In Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me, Lily has a honest conversation where she discusses several issues young women struggled with such as body image, relationships, dating, self-confidence, family, and more. The actress shares her experience and what she has learned along.

Collins shares a very sensitive topic where she talks about a physical abusive relationship she was in. In an Instagram post, the actress asks her followers to refrain themselves to pointing fingers or blaming anyone. Lily hopes her shared experiences will help others suffering with similar issues. She encouraged her followers to use her voices to spread love and inspiration and explains her intent of writing the book was not to vilify anyone but to stand up and share her experiences in these issues.

In the Ellen show, Collins reveals her inspiration for Unfiltered was her supportive group of fans in social media that have shared their insecurities and stories. In paper, Lily shares her own insecurities to the world. She says no one is perfect, not even Hollywood celebrities.

Lily encourages all young women to embrace their differences because it is was makes them unique; then she states that different is beautiful.

Unfiltered is a great book to read for all young women out there struggling with themselves or the standards society has set.Remember, nobody is perfect, we all battle with insecurities and struggle with our differences but we are all unique and that’s what makes us beautiful. Learn more about how Lily Collins, a true icon, has struggled with her own insecurities and her inspiration to voicing these issues in her book.

Go out and read Unfiltered and watch the film  To the Bone, where she plays the role of a young woman battling anorexia with the help of her doctor, Keanu Reeves.

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