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This poem was inspired by the anxiety that plagues me at night. Sometimes I imagine that I can see demons, and I get so terrified I can’t sleep. However, when it becomes too much, I think of poems like this, and the words calm me down. 


My dearest,
Last night I thought of you again
Clinging to my pillow and sweating through the sheets
I opened my mouth but no scream escaped
My heartbeat going insane
Always, too fast, always too much
It took your words to calm me down

When the demons came creeping out from the darkness
I felt their tendrils curling in my brain
Daring me to plead for mercy
I closed my eyes to no avail
Always too mad, always too harsh
I couldn’t seem to die

When I replaced their fingers with yours
My breath slowed
My demons crawled back into the corner of the room
Where it is always night and no one dares to go
When I thought of you protecting me
And their red eyes dimmed into embers
Always watching, always there
I knew I could sleep again

Last night was only one of many
But I know that each time you’ll be there
Fighting off the demons
That live inside my brain
And infest the corner
Where no one dares to go
Always too scary, always right there

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Elisabeth Schmeissner

Elisabeth is a freshman at BCCHS and is passionate about writing, art, and social justice. She hopes to save the world with words.

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