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Update Your Playlist With These New Music Releases

December 20, 20174 min read

If you’re looking for pieces of music to add to your playlist, these songs/albums can be the answer. New music has been released, and some of these need more hype. Give these songs a listen, and thank me later.

Here is a list of ~~*new*~~ music releases you should listen to:

1. “Champion (Remix)” by Fall Out Boy and RM of BTS

The original version of “Champion,” the second single from FOB’s Mania, was released last June. Fans were surprised when they read the tweet from Fall Out Boy’s official Twitter account.

Fall Out Boy collaborated with BTS’s leader, RM, to give their listeners a remix version of “Champion.” The hashtag #RMxFallOutBoy has been trending worldwide on Twitter.

Stream the song on Spotify, and purchase it on iTunes.

2. “DH00278 (Live from the O2, London. 16.12.16)” by The 1975

The fans of The 1975 consider this a Christmas gift from the band. By listening to the live versions of the song, they can relive their favorite moments from The 1975’s concert.

The mystery of the tweet has been solved when this live album was released. While waiting for their album, Music for Cars, which is set to be released in 2018, maybe listening to live versions of their songs can temporarily satisfy our cravings for new The 1975 music. Now, the question is: what is the meaning behind “DH00278”?

Stream it on Spotify, or get it on iTunes.

3. “All My Friends, We’re Glorious: Death Of A Bachelor Tour Live” by Panic! At The Disco

Missing Panic! At The Disco? Worry no more, for they also released a live version of their songs from their Death Of A Bachelor Tour’s setlist. This live album obviously involves the powerful vocals of Brendon Urie. If you haven’t been to P!ATD’s concert, listen to these songs and imagine you’re singing along with them; you’re all good, trust me.

Stream it on Spotify, or get it on iTunes. The album is also available in a limited edition double vinyl.

4. “The Beautiful & Damned” by G-Eazy

The rapper G-Eazy released his third studio album, The Beautiful & Damned, with various collaborations. The album is believed to show how G-Eazy worked to get to the place where he wants to be. Different interpretations of the songs can be drawn by listening to this album. It can be said that the rapper has got some confessions; he reveals pieces of his life through this album. A personal favorite is “Crash & Burn,” a collaboration between G-Eazy and Kehlani.

Stream the album on Spotify, or get it on iTunes.

5. “Pop 2” by Charli XCX

Pop 2 is the fourth mixtape released by Charli XCX. She also collaborated with different artists for the mixtape to be produced. Although some of the songs included layers of auto-tunes, the singer was still able to create a whole personality for the album. You can sing and dance along with the songs from this album. Some of the songs resemble sounds from the ’90s. Fans of Charli XCX have anticipated this mixtape, after the release of her Number 1 Angel this March. A personal favorite is “Track 10,” the ending song of the mixtape.

Stream the album on Spotify, or get it on iTunes.

These are just some songs you can add to your playlist. Discover new music and listen to new genres — you won’t regret it.

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